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Men's motorcycle clothing from Lethal Threat stands up to abuse and looks great ride after ride.

Shopping for men's motorcycle gear can be frustrating these days. Any jabroni company can slap generic skulls on basic gear, but that stuff looks lame and feels like it won't last more than a few weeks. They don't understand a key philosophy behind biker culture: We don't buy cheap crap.

We need gear that is made to last, and that looks authentic. If we are going to buy joke shirts, we don't want crappy big-box-store dad jokes. We want something that shocks the laughs right out of us. And we don't care if it shocks anyone else.

That's why the men's motorcycle clothing at Lethal Threat will be some of your favorite duds. The same philosophy applies to our T-shirts to our motorcycle jackets. Designed to be authentic to biker culture and built to handle the rigors of the road, our gear is timeless because we don't give a fuck about trends.

Designed for Riders by Riders

Because we are part of biker culture, we know what works on the road, and what should be thrown to the side of the road. We don't sacrifice when it comes to quality or design - we know our customers would rather buy plugs and wires instead of shirts and hats, so we make your money go far.

Our designs are steeped in authentic biker culture. You'll love the huge, detailed skulls, flames and more printed in most cases with sublimated graphics for long life.

In addition to being made for your personality, many of our products are still made and designed in the U.S. After all, home is where the hot rod is.

Plenty to Choose From

Our collection of men's biker gear is big:

  • T-shirts. This is a staple of men's wear, and probably all we would wear if it weren't for weddings and court dates.
  • Long-sleeved shirts. Same material, with longer sleeves for those needing a bit of cover on arms.
  • Hats. Why leave a choice piece of headwear to advertise a sports team or corporate logo?
  • Gloves. Yes, these are for riding, and yes, these have better designs than corporate brand names.
  • Button-down shirts and mechanic work shirts. If you need to dress up a bit, yet still sport some skulls, we got you, fam.
  • Hoodies. Your lady will jump at the chance to steal one from you, so stock up.

Order the latest men's motorcycle gear today to make sure that you look good, even if you're purposely not trying to impress anyone. Our rapidly-growing selection includes classic biker T-shirts, raglan shirts and hoodies in a variety of styles and sizes. Design themes include all your favorites, like skulls, pinup girls and crazed bikers. Images on the front and back will communicate your unsettling message whether you're coming or going. Don't worry, big man, if you're looking for apparel that fits your frame better, check out our larger, more comfortable range of men's motorcycle shirts.

Guys who love to work on their bikes will appreciate our motorcycle work shirts and mechanic's jackets. We have an assortment of Vintage Velocity retro apparel, hot rod and sport bike gear. Finish off your wardrobe with motorcycle hats, gloves and bandanas made just like you - tough on the outside, but soft underneath. You'll always have full-throttle clothing to fulfill your need for speed with our expertise. We even have one-size-fits-all face masks (or neck warmers) that can be used as whatever kind of badass headwear you want. Made from a stretchable fabric, it allows for easy breathing while offering protection from the elements. Take the American Tactical Skull Face Mask for example.

Just like you, we are proud of our unique form of expression. While we're definitely inspired by the hot rod culture, but we welcome all kinds of distinct styles and want you wearing customized clothes to fit your lifestyle. Our collection of embroidered patches uses classic imagery to mimic the early biker patches of the 1960s and '70s. If you want to add that hard-hitting punch to your old flannel, denim vest or jacket, we've got you covered. All in all, everyday clothing doesn't have to be boring with our help. Even if your bike is sitting in the garage, or you just want to wear your love of tattoos on your sleeve, we have everything you need right here.