Summer Nationals, Canberra Australia – Lethal Threat

Summer Nationals, Canberra Australia – Lethal Threat

For most of us, we are in the middle of a cold and snowy winter here in North America. If you are lucky enough to live south of the equator you are experiencing Summer now. Our distributor for Australia, Motor Hound, informed us of an event called the Summer Nationals that takes place the first week of January every year in the town of Canberra.  Australians are crazy for all things on wheels, the faster the better.  The Summer Nationals is the largest car show in the country.  The show was started over 32 years ago and has an attendance of over 100,000 visitors over four days.

There is something going on all the time at the Summer Nationals.  Aussies from all over the country head to Canberra for this event. They drive, ride, trailer or push every type of show car, motorcycle and truck you can imagine. 

Daily races, burn out contests, Miss Summer National beauty contest, parade of custom cars, outdoor concerts, nightly fireworks, camping and for the first time this year, the Grand Mullet Hair Cut contest. A jammed packed event.

The birth of the mullet came about in the 1980’s.  The haircut was known for its business look in the front, and party in the rear.  A hair style worn by rock stars to sport figures and the average Joe Dirt in all countries around the world.  The mullet these days is near extinct, but still can be spotted every now and then.  A Monster Truck event, a pro wrestling match and if lucky, you’re local Wal Mart are all destinations you may see the elusive mullet.

Mullets can be worn by all ages and both male and females.  Organizers of the Grand Mullet Competition were a bit worried if there would be enough contestants that qualified.  Offer a grand prize of $1000 and the bragging rights of the best mullet in Australia, and the line of Aussies sporting mullets entering the contest put all fears of a mullet shortage to rest.  Competition was stiff, but we are happy to announce the two year old son of our Australian Lethal Threat distributor took first place and won the Grand Mullet Competition at the 2019 Summer Nationals.  Let see if he can hold onto the title for 2020.


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