Meet One of Our Lethal Angels!

Meet One of Our Lethal Angels

Let's meet one of our badass Lethal Angels. This motorcycle-loving gal truly embodies the spirit of our company and our killer brands.

The goal for any brand is to connect with its customers to understand what makes them tick. We want to know their likes and dislikes, which helps us put our customers first.

Every product and design we create is something we hope our customers will love. We use the finest materials, top-quality craftsmanship and superior artwork in all our products. After years of crisscrossing the globe, meeting clients, finding the best factories and setting up booths at trade and consumer shows, Lethal Threat and Lethal Angel are now household names for our growing target clientele.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Over years, we've met all sorts of people around the globe loyal to our company - including brand ambassadors who love our apparel and send us photos of them wearing our kickass threads. We rely on these ambassadors to spread the word about our products in their community. To thank these awesome people for their loyalty, we'll be featuring a few stories about some of our brand ambassadors. Here's our first shoutout.

Estrella's Indian-Motorcycle Style

"Estrella" means "star" in Spanish - and it's also the name of one of our Lethal Angel brand ambassadors, based out of California's Central Valley, near Fresno.

Estrella's motorcycle of choice is the Indian. She appreciates the long history of the Indian brand and their distinctive lines. She was first introduced to motorcycles by her husband. Estrella knew she wanted her own motorcycle - and only an Indian would do.

Estrella's Indian Scout Bobber

She took a local rider's course on a Honda Rebel. After completing the course, she got her motorcycle license, then headed off to the Indian dealer. She rolled out of the shop with an Indian Scout Bobber, which is a perfect entry-level bike, with a low stance comfortable for shorter riders.

The 78 horsepower, 999cc engine cranks out an impressive amount of traffic-busting torque and plenty of highway speed (while still handing nimbly at lower speeds). Estrella rode her Indian back and forth to college for a couple of weeks, and on side streets as well, to build up her skills before hitting California's Highways. Smart move!


A Need for (More) Speed

Estrella has a busy schedule. She's the mother of three kids, a wife and a student working on her liberal arts degree. A ride on her Indian gives her a chance to clear her head and embrace the freedom of the road.

The need for more speed took her back to the Indian dealer. This time she rolled out with an Indian FTR 1200, which is a modern bike that still retains some of the Indian's classic lines.

But did she trade in her Scout? Nope. She loves her first bike just as much as her new one. Depending on her mood or destination, both of Estrella's motorcycles get plenty of use. Estrella soon met other gals online who ride and became fast friends with them, heading out together on weekend motorcycle trips.


Estrella - A Shining Star

Indian was so impressed with Estrella that they offered her a position as a brand ambassador. Along with promoting our Lethal Angel brand and Indian Motorcycles, Estrella has also caught the eye of several other gearhead brands.

Estrella adores the Rockabilly lifestyle and fashion aesthetic. Her musical tastes range from '80s New Wave to '90s Grunge to Emo. Heading to the Sturgis Rally, along with taking part in Las Vegas' Babes Ride Out, are both big events she plans to cross off her to-do list soon.

A big thanks to Estrella, our "shining star," for promoting Lethal Angel on the West Coast!

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