A Custom Paint Job for your Motorcycle!

Ready to start thinking about a custom paint job for your motorcycle? Lethal Threat can help get you started.

It happens immediately, no matter what we buy. It doesn't matter if we plunk down thousands and thousands on a brand new model at the bike store, or if we drag a still-working old bike out of a garage sale - as soon as we buy a new motorcycle, we start thinking about getting a custom paint job for it.

Paint is important, after all: A good paint job protects key parts from rust and UV exposure. But more than that, we're thinking about how to make that bike truly ours, with a design that fits our personality.

More so than a car, a motorcycle you ride is an extension of your being - an extension of your personality. Once that bike rolled out of the factory, it was one of thousands of identical motorcycles. The new owner will give this new motorcycle their own touch of individuality and customization to make their bike something different from all others.

So, if you're ready to help your motorcycle stand out no matter where you go, we can help with the basics.

Custom Motorcycle Paint Jobs: The Basics

A custom paint job is one of the most transformational customizations for your bike. While handlebars and wheels are eye-catching, that paint job ties everything together. And, believe it or not, you have a lot of options. A lot of riders think that only the fuel tank, frame, fork and fenders are the only things that can take paint. The options to customize a new or old motorcycle are endless.

The first place to start is to consider what kind of motorcycle you have. If you ride a sport bike, the graphics and imagery that might look best on your bike may not look good on a V-twin motorcycle and vice versa. Do you have ideas for colors you would like as the dominant motorcycle colors? Do you want graphics or a full- out airbrushed- style mural? Do you want metal flake paint, matte paint, gloss paint or iridescent paint? Maybe you don't want a paint job at all, and a custom vinyl bike wrap would work best for your ride.

If you want a great outcome, you have to do some homework. Get online and start searching for custom airbrush motorcycles, motorcycle wraps, airbrush artists and motorcycle graphics - you get the idea.

Custom Motorcycle Paint Job Ideas…

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