Out For Blood Vampire Pin Up Girl Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

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Out for Blood Vampire Pin Up Girl Tank Pad / Motorcycle Tank Protector

Customize your sportbike motorcycle or quad/ATV with our cutting-edge designs while shielding your gas tank from nicks, scratches and belt buckle scuffs with our top-of-the-line motorcycle gas tank protectors.

Your motorcycle or four-wheeler is your life. You take it out to go the distance at full speed when the weather's just right and then winterize it fully before you see snow on the ground. In between that, you're careful to keep its exterior free of scratches, dings and rust, so that it's ready to ride and always looking sharp. Our motorcycle gas tank protectors, also known as tank pads, are prepared to go the extra mile in protecting your bike.

Manufactured from high-performance vinyl, printed with fade-resistant inks and coated in a 3D resin, our tank pads compliment the bike's design while protecting against wear and tear. Offering easy Peel 'n Stick application, our universal size fits more model sport bikes and quads/ATVs. This motorcycle gas tank protector stands out on the road with a vampire-style modern pin-up girl graphic accompanied by "Out for Blood."


- Universal Fit

- Contains four individual parts to offer a puzzle-fit application

- Size of main 3D decal is 6.00 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall - 14.60cm wide x 15.24cm tall

- Stick to the top lower part of your gas tank