No Regrets Vintage Metal Sign

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No Regrets Vintage Metal Sign

Across the biker community, there are bound to be plenty of arguments, but one thing we can all agree on is that a life sitting on the sidelines is a life wasted. Getting in on the action is where all the fun happens, and where you can make the biggest impact. Don’t be like all those people you know who grew into old has-beens that wish they did things differently, live with no regrets. 

All our signs are made here in the USA, fabricated from American Steel. We then take killer artwork Lethal Threat, screen print the steel with fade resistant inks and plasma cut the sign to the shape of our artwork.

Perfect decoration for your Man Cave, Office, Cantina, Bar, Garage or Tattoo Parlor. Limited edition run. Once sold out, that's it folks!!!

  • Full color vibrant screen print
  • Heavy duty steel sign, not bendable tin
  • Hang holes in each corner
  • Cut to the shape of the design

Sign Measurements: 21 IN X 19 IN