Mean Streets Large Embroidered Patch

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Product Number: LT30230

Mean Streets Large Patch

Lethal Threat has a wide selection of Embroidered Motorcycle Patches for your favorite leather jacket or vest. Our Embroidered Motorcycle Patches come in a variety of designs, color and sizes to fit any application. Our high quality Embroidered Motorcycle Patches feature high stitch counts and excellent bonding agents to prevent snagging or peeling issues.

This design screams don't "F@ck with Me".  Inspired by The Mayans TV show, this design has it all.  Chicano style day of the dead skulls with bandanas, barb wire, brass knuckles. and a pot leaf.  Ride fast, party hard and respect is demanded

Patch size: 10.75 inches wide x 12 inches tall:  27.30cm x 30.48cm

Laser cut to the shape of the design

Highly detailed embroidery, over three hours of embroidery machine time goes into this patch

Black felt backing fabric

Sewer friendly patch border for sew on application to leather

Heat seal glue backing for iron-on application for denim or cotton

Apply to jackets, vests, backpacks, car seat covers 

Sew on application is always recommended over iron on application