Killer Clown Skateboard

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Killer Clown Skateboard

Deck Length

8″ x 31″

Deck Bottom

 Red, White and Black Exploding Stripe Background with Axe-Wielding Psycho Clown Graphic

Deck Material

 Canadian Maple

Deck Top & Grip

 Black Grip Tape

Deck Type

Standard Top Mount

Deck Shape

Double Kicktail

Looking for just the right gift for the coolest kid on the block? You just found it with the Killer Clown Skateboard. This entry-level skateboard measures 31 inches long by 8 inches wide, combining amazing quality and graphics with a price that can't be beat.

Made out of Canadian maple, the standard top-mount deck features a double kicktail shape. You'll also find black grip tape on the deck top, and the coolest graphics on the deck bottom. An axe-wielding psycho clown is the main event on the deck bottom, with his menacing grin in front of a red, white and black exploding stripe background. The Lethal Threat name is also emblazed across the bottom for one more layer of cool.

If the kid who gets this skateboard wasn't the coolest on the block before, they sure will be after they get this gift. Go ahead, make the kid's day and order the Killer Clown Skateboard now.

Killer Clown Skateboard
Killer Clown Skateboard
Killer Clown Skateboard
Killer Clown Skateboard
Killer Clown Skateboard