Tubular Mask Bandanas

Tubular Motorcycle Mask Bandanas

Riding is hard work that puts you in the direct line of debris, bugs and sunburns, which is why we created the one and only Lethal Threat Tubular Biker Face Mask. This exclusive motorcycle face mask is one of the most versatile pieces of gear to keep in your arsenal, even if you don't ride motorcycles at all. Each vintage-washed bandana mask is made with excess material that can keep you warm or shielded from the sun no matter if you're out cruising down backroads or mowing the lawn.

Each one is constructed from a soft, breathable and stretchy SpandexÒ and poly blend, so it's comfortable enough to wear during all-day rides and demanding, sweaty activities. We've got a motorcycle bandana with a design that speaks to you, from skulls, camo, gorillas, clowns and more, and our in-house artists are constantly coming up with new badass designs to keep our collection fresh. These handy year-round staples are one-size-fits-most.

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