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When you're looking to represent your spiritual side with a dash of cool, you'll find it with our eye-catching collection of religious patches. These embroidered patches make an awesome statement on any jacket, vest, backpack, seat cover or any other place where you want to show off your connection to the spiritual. We add new designs whenever we get them, which means you'll find a vast range of religious patches at any given time.

Winged crosses are always hot sellers, so we try to keep tons of them in stock. You can also find other religious symbols, spiritual sayings, Christian patches and devil and angel imagery too.

Religious Embroidered Patches

Whichever religious patch design you choose, you're getting a top-quality patch with intense details. Each embroidered patch takes three hours on the embroidery machine to make, and each is also laser-cut to match the outline of the design. Thicker black borders allow for easy sewing onto your leather jacket or vest. A premium adhesive on the back lets you iron it on your cotton or denim. A durable felt backing keeps your patch secure, while a high thread count and intense colors keep it looking good.

Like all of our embroidered patches, our religious patch collection aligns with a variety of lifestyles. The patches are perfect for motorcycle jackets and the biker crowd, but they're also a hit on the kustom kulture, rock 'n' roll and hot rod scene.

Christian Patches, Religious Symbols

Keeping the faith is easy with one of these powerful symbols. It also gives you a chance to stand proud in your beliefs, which is always the coolest thing to do. This is especially true when you're in a fight between good and evil - and you know the good's going to win. Browse our collection of religious embroidered patches, and order your favorites today.